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MN Fishing Report 12-20-19

Good morning! One would think the way the weather has been that we’d have a ton of ice up this way. But that’s far from the truth! The untimely snow falls, after getting about 4 inches of ice has really hindered the ice growth. We’ve been plowing a private road with 4 wheeler for a while and the road is good. But as soon as you get off road, you may be driving on 5.5”. So my suggestion is that you play it really smart and use your two, God-given legs and hoof it out if you don’t feel confident. We have 2 houses and a dark house out on the ice and we are monitoring the situation daily. 2 of our nicer houses are still on shore and it may be until after the new year that we get them out. Fishing has been fairly slow, but we are catching some walleye and pike. If you are interested in a guided trip on the ice, please give us a ring! 218-839-5598.


MN Fishing Report 6-30-19

Good morning from Brainerd! I’m actually in a hospital bed watching the Yankees/Boston series in London, trying to recoup a blown out back! Not fun, but being here makes me realize quite quickly that my issues could be worse! So enough of that, let’s talk some fishing. The weather has made things a little wishy washy, but overall the fishing has been really good. We’ve been hitting Gull pretty hard, and catching some nice fish most days. The schedule has been busy, especially with me out of the line up for a while, but if you are ready to hit the lakes and try to catch a fish just give a a ring, text, email, tweet, FB message or Instagram message!  Hey, you can call too! Shelley will set you up if you give her a ring, 2188395598. If you want to just catch fish, you need to book a trip with us on Mille Lacs right now! Kids, elderly, whoever…this is the place to go right now to catch walleye. You won’t be able to keep any, but it sure is fun. You really don’t need a guide, but why not let us bait your hook, control the boat, take your fish off so you can kick back and relax!

Happy Independence Day people!!,


MN Fishing Report 6-13-19

Fishing in the Brainerd lakes area has remained consistent. Water is slowly starting to warm up and we are about 2 weeks behind normal. Bass action remains fairly shallow and seem to be biting just about anything. The bluegills have just finished up spawning and are heading for the cabbage beds. Crappie fishing has been spotty with fish being caught in cabbage weed along the breaks.Walleye fishing has been the most consistent at dawn and dusk into evening casting and trolling jerk baits. Best depths have been from about 4 to 8 feet.

Fish can be shallow and deep this time of year so keep an open mind.

Good luck! Todd Andrist

MN Fishing Report 5-8-19

Good, moist Wednesday morning from lakes area! I’m sitting in my blind, bow at my side and have a gobbler not to far away. I think he’s wise, and I’m just going to wait him out a bit longer and see if the bugger silently comes it (because he has been quiet for the last 15 minutes). It’s been a heck of a turkey season once again, and it’s not over until the end of the month! But, it’s time to make some dough, and that means the Larson FX is going to be getting launched a lot in the coming days, weeks and months. We had a guide meeting the other night and I believe it’s going to be another busy and successful season on the area lakes. The ice has been off since April 25th, so my guess is that we will be able to find some hungry fish come opener. In fact, the crappies have been getting hammered for a couple of weeks now. If you’re looking to come up and fish, I would have the back-up plan (pan fish) ready to GO! I’ll be out on Gull opening morning and then at the docks of Bar Harbor for our annual Lil’ Fry Fishing Tournament at 1:00. This tournament is full, no walk-ins unfortunately. For details on future kids events, go to the Lil’ Fry Fishing Tournament FB page. Also be sure to “like” Walleyedan on FB and we will keep you clued in to what’s going on! Another avenue where you can get the “general” scoop is on 102.7 The Word. I’ll be on the Friday mornings at approximately 8:35 and then again on Friday evenings in the 6 o’clock hour. Lots of things going on and lots of excitement in the area with the big weekend coming! Get out and enjoy!


Walleyedan’s Guide Service

MN Fishing Report 8-31-18

Good bye August, hello fall fishing and hunting season! The acorns are dropping like I’ve never seen before and the Farmers Almanac is calling for a brutal winter. I guess we will see. For now, our focus will continue to be on the remainder of the open water guiding season. It’s been a busy one and the fishing has been pretty darn good (overall). The walleye fishing is only going to get better as we move on into September, and unfortunately this is when a lot of people stop thinking about fishing. We have been fishing Gull Lake for the most part and are finding the fish in 15-30’ and catching them on live bait rigs tipped with either red tail chubs or creek chubs. If you have the itch to fish, please call Shelley and book a trip today. Our guides will continue to fish until we can no longer put the boats in the water. At that time, it will be time for the SnoBear! We are taking reservations for guided SnoBear trips right now, and you can find more info on our website under the ice fishing tab. I hope you enjoy the beautiful Labor Day weekend that is forecast. For more information, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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MN Fishing Report 1-10-18

We have been getting out on area lakes the last couple weeks. Even though it’s January and we have had some really cold weather ice depths still vary between 9-18 inches depending on the lake. Make sure you check ice before assuming it’s safe and stay away from the moving water areas. (Channel, harbors, bridges, etc.)

Walleyes have been biting ok on most lakes with the mornings and evenings being the most productive and the occasional fish caught during the mid day. Depths vary from 10-50 feet of water depending on the lake and time of day but the 18-30 foot depths have been most consistent. Try working inside corners, tips of points, mid lake humps, or weedlines in these depths with a shiner on a deadstick, jigging rapala, or jigging spoon with a minnow head.

Crappies are biting good on most area lakes. Look to the smaller area lakes and the bays for the most success. Muddy water can be productive during the day but the clear water lakes are a good morning and evening bite. Try the usual mud basin crappie holes or cabbage beds during the morning or evenings with a small jig and waxy, deadstick and crappie minnow, or small jigging rapala if they are aggressive.

To book a Snobear trip with us call Shelley at 218-839-5598!

Good Luck and Fish Safe,
Walleyedan’s Guide Service

MN Fishing Report 12-6-17

Good morning! It’s cold and it’s windy. In order to make ice on the big lakes, we will need that wind to pipe down! The lakes that are frozen are going to grow ice really fast, and that’s going to make for an interesting winter I do believe. Main Gull is wide open, but some of the lakes on the chain have 6 inches and are gaining each hour. I have not been ice fishing, as I am still chasing the “other” whitetail. I will need to get my rear in gear quite soon, because I have a feeling the SnoBear is going to go into service in about 7 days (or less). If you are looking for a good multi-species lake, try the 371 bay of North Long. Round is frozen too, as is the case with a lot of the smaller lakes and bays up here. Just be sure to use caution as you head out onto any of the lakes this winter. And remember, ice fishing isn’t rocket science. It can be made as simple or as technical as you would like. Simple is good and I think you will find it’s really good for the soul! If you are more into the technical, boy do we have some goods for you too!

Play it safe,


Walleyedan’s Guide Service

MN Fishing Report 10-16-17

Walleyes are in their fall patterns and relating to the deeper parts of the lake. Look for areas with deep water close by and fish the steep breaklines focusing on the 25-45 foot depths during the daytime but don’t be afraid to look shallower or deeper as well. They will use the entire water column this time of year. Trust your electronics to see them. (Tip: Use the zoom mode on your sonar screen to see fish that are holding tight to the bottom. Makes a big difference.) Use live bait rigs with big chub minnows, 1/4 ounce jigs with rainbows, or jigging Rapalas. At night troll the shallow sand and rocks with big stick baits like Rapala Husky Jerks and focus in on the 4-10 foot depths.

Crappies are starting to stage in their winter areas suspended over deep water holes. Using your electronics is key to finding them. Slip float rigs set at the proper depth you’re marking fish with crappie minnows or plastics are working well. Also try small jigging Rapalas too.

Good Luck,

Walleyedan’s Guide Service

Walleyedan’s Guide Service

MN Fishing Report 8-9-17

We are finally starting to see some walleyes push out to a little deeper water using our Humminbird units. The deep weed lines in 15-22 feet seem to be the best right now with some fish coming from as deep as 30 feet on some days. Mid lake humps and structure are holding fish along with shoreline points with weeds and deep water near by. Lindy rigs with chubs, jigs with fatheads, slip floats with leeches, pulling leadcore, or jigging raps are all producing fish and all worth trying. North Long and The Whitefish Chain have had the best bites recently. Remember to pay attention to the wind direction.

Bass are biting in many ways. Top water in the pads with frogs, or fishing them under docks or on deep weed lines with jig worms. You can also choose to go with live bait and rig sucker minnows on deep weed edges.

For Pike try trolling or casting big spinnerbaits tipped with sucker minnows.

Good Luck,

Walleyedan’s Guide Service

MN Fishing Report 7-10-17

Walleye fishing has been good in the BLA! North Long, Gull, and Whitefish are all producing well. Fish are in their full time summer patterns with the bulk of them being shallow in the weeds. Working the inside and outside of the weed lines with Lindy rigs and redtails, leeches, or crawlers has been working. Along with jigging fatheads on the weed lines or slip floating leeches in the weed pockets. If the weather is calm try trolling spinners over the weeds and cover water to pick off biters. Look to the mid lake structure and fish the wind in 10-18 feet of water.

Bass are biting in the weeds in 8-16 feet of water. Use Berkley 7” Powerworms, drop shots with your favorite plastic, or leeches for live bait. They are fairly concentrated so when you find one there is likely to be many more close by.

For Pike try casting big spinnerbaits tipped with sucker minnows or pulling big sucker minnows on live bait rigs over the weeds.


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