MN Fishing Report 12-6-17

Good morning! It’s cold and it’s windy. In order to make ice on the big lakes, we will need that wind to pipe down! The lakes that are frozen are going to grow ice really fast, and that’s going to make for an interesting winter I do believe. Main Gull is wide open, but some of the lakes on the chain have 6 inches and are gaining each hour. I have not been ice fishing, as I am still chasing the “other” whitetail. I will need to get my rear in gear quite soon, because I have a feeling the SnoBear is going to go into service in about 7 days (or less). If you are looking for a good multi-species lake, try the 371 bay of North Long. Round is frozen too, as is the case with a lot of the smaller lakes and bays up here. Just be sure to use caution as you head out onto any of the lakes this winter. And remember, ice fishing isn’t rocket science. It can be made as simple or as technical as you would like. Simple is good and I think you will find it’s really good for the soul! If you are more into the technical, boy do we have some goods for you too!

Play it safe,


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