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MN Fishing Report 10-16-17

Walleyes are in their fall patterns and relating to the deeper parts of the lake. Look for areas with deep water close by and fish the steep breaklines focusing on the 25-45 foot depths during the daytime but don’t be afraid to look shallower or deeper as well. They will use the entire water column this time of year. Trust your electronics to see them. (Tip: Use the zoom mode on your sonar screen to see fish that are holding tight to the bottom. Makes a big difference.) Use live bait rigs with big chub minnows, 1/4 ounce jigs with rainbows, or jigging Rapalas. At night troll the shallow sand and rocks with big stick baits like Rapala Husky Jerks and focus in on the 4-10 foot depths.

Crappies are starting to stage in their winter areas suspended over deep water holes. Using your electronics is key to finding them. Slip float rigs set at the proper depth you’re marking fish with crappie minnows or plastics are working well. Also try small jigging Rapalas too.

Good Luck,

Walleyedan’s Guide Service

Walleyedan’s Guide Service

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