MN Hunting Seasons & Regulations - Brainerd, MN

Hunting in Minnesota is a popular past time. The Brainerd Lakes area includes many hunting opportunities with a wide variety of game and areas to hunt them. Brainerd is famous as the prime Minnesota Vacation and Resort location and offers many recreation and lodging options for hunters. Hunting guides are also available for almost any type of hunting you enjoy.Hunting deer in Minnesota--more specifically, whitetail deer--is one of the most popular types of wild game hunted in the state. The whitetail deer population in the Brainerd Lakes area is healthy. Archery, firearm, and muzzleloader seasons are all available and each offers a different hunting experience.

2022 Brainerd MN Deer Areas

171 One-deer limit: antlerless permit lottery
172 One-deer limit: antlerless permit lottery
246 One-deer limit: either sex
248 Two-deer limit
249 Two-deer limit
155 One-deer limit: either sex
173 One-deer limit: antlerless permit lottery
604 Three-deer limit
214 Three-deer limit

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