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Brainerd Fishing Report - Brainerd Lakes Area Fishing Report

Fishing Report - Brainerd, Minnesota

Don't set out on your next Brainerd fishing trip unprepared! Check in with our Brainerd Lakes expert fishing guides Todd Andrist and Walleye Dan for an up to date fishing report on the Brainerd fishing lakes. Look for information on everything from Walleye population to lake conditions with the Brainerd fishing report.

Our local fishing guides know the Brainerd lakes well and have years of fishing and guide experience to provide you with the best fishing report possible. Not only do our guides provide a regular fishing report, but you can schedule 1/2 or full day guided fishing trips with them and experience a professional fishing trip year round.

Meet our Fishing Guides:

MN Walleye Guide
Todd Andrist
19964 See Gull Rd NW., Brainerd, MN 56401

July 2, 2020

Things have heated up in the Brainerd lakes area it’s hot. The walleye seem to be heading out to deeper weed edges and have been active early mornings and late evenings. Crawlers and leeches seem to be working but if you can find some red tails chubs those seem to be the best. Lindy rigs and slip bobbers along the tips of wind swept points. The pike seem to be using the cabbage weed beds and be caught on spinner baits or trolling sucker minnows. The bass and panfish have slipped out to the 10-15 foot depths and are extremely active. Water temps are in the mid 70s and the lakes are full of food so patience and persistence are the keys to success. Thanks and have a great Time!

Todd Andrist

Walleyedan's Guide Service
Dan and Shelley Eigen
9287 Anderson Rd., Lake Shore, MN 56468

December 20, 2019

Good morning! One would think the way the weather has been that we’d have a ton of ice up this way. But that’s far from the truth! The untimely snow falls, after getting about 4 inches of ice has really hindered the ice growth. We’ve been plowing a private road with 4 wheeler for a while and the road is good. But as soon as you get off road, you may be driving on 5.5”. So my suggestion is that you play it really smart and use your two, God-given legs and hoof it out if you don’t feel confident. We have 2 houses and a dark house out on the ice and we are monitoring the situation daily. 2 of our nicer houses are still on shore and it may be until after the new year that we get them out. Fishing has been fairly slow, but we are catching some walleye and pike. If you are interested in a guided trip on the ice, please give us a ring! 218-839-5598.


Fishing Report Archives:

MN Fishing Report 1-31-14

Welcome fishermen. We are enjoying a real old fashion winter with great snow and ice conditions. The fishing has been great for panfish and perch. The pike are starting to feed good as they are getting ready for the spring spawn. Walleyes have been a little on the slow side they seem to be affected by the unstable weather we have had. The lake trout have been biting with some real jumbos being caught. Spring is on its way and our summer schedule is filling fast. So give us a call and book your fishing adventure now. Happy New year and remember GET OUTDOORS !!!!!!

Fishing Report Archives – Courtesy of Richie Boggs

MN Fishing Report 1-27-14

Good, cold morning to you! No school here in the Brainerd, MN district today, it’s 40 something below zero. I am guessing it is warmer where you are (or maybe not). The Extravaganza was here and is now gone and we will have to wait for the silver anniversary to get on that leader board! I think next year will be my year, the world’s largest ice fishing contest is on my birthday next year..January 24th, 2015! It’s a party, anyone can come. The winning fish was a walleye this year and it was about 5 pounds, caught by a man from Nisswa. The fishing was really slow as a cold front decided to sweep on through during the middle of the night. It’s such a fun event, catching fish is really secondary. Overall, fishing in the area has slowed down a bit because of the brutal cold fronts that have settling in. We are continuing to do guided trips and some fish house rentals, but I think we are all ready to order up the new Larson FX series fishing boats and get them ready for the Rainy River come March! If you are interested in booking a guided trip up to the Rainy to fish walleyes and sturgeon, please give us a call and we will work out the details. As for now, it’s time to pray for a beautiful February to close out the “big fish” season and then start to focus on late ice pan fish. The one nice thing about all the snow on the ice is that the ice will hopefully go out earlier than last year (there is only about 20 inches at this time. Enjoy the day and don’t forget to tune in to “We Love It! Outdoors” on Fox, Pursuit and Tuff TV!,

Walleyedan’s Guide Service

MN Fishing Report 10-10-13

Welcome anglers. The fishing in the Brained area has started to pick up with the walleye and crappie bite being the best option. The bass are still biting on the deep weed lines with some occasional pike mixed in. The fall colors are peaking this week so get up here and enjoy them and catch some fish at the same time. And remember GET OUTDOORS !!!!!!!

Fishing Report Archives – Courtesy of Richie Boggs

MN Fishing Report 8-12-13

Welcome fishermen and women. Fishing in the Brainerd area has been great. We’ve been catching lots of bass and pike. Walleye fishing has been great at times, but also really slow on certain days. We’ve been string for them for a couple hours and if they don’t cooperate we switch to bass and pike. Trout fishing has slowed with stocked fish being harvested. The panfishing has still been solid with lots of numbers but not the greatest size. So grab your friends and family and come check out our great area. And Get outdoors !!!!!!!

Fishing Report Archives – Courtesy of Richie Boggs

MN Fishing Report 7-19-13

Welcome fishermen hope you’re having a great summer. We have great water temps for swimming and the Bass and Pike have been going nuts. Walleye fishing has been fair but we haven’t been targeting them that much. Streams are settling down for trout fishing. And trout lakes are still putting fish out. Come on up and let me show you this great area. And remember Get Outdoors !!!

Fishing Report Archives – Courtesy of Richie Boggs

MN Fishing Report 6-3-13

Welcome to Boggs fishing. We’ve been catching lots of fish lately. Mainly walleye,northern and bass. The weather has been tough but the fishing has been great. The panfishing has also been good but we have been saving that for some filler. Stream trout have been a little slow because of high flow with all the rain we’ve had. The lake trout are biting good with recent stocking. Good luck fishing and let us know if we can help. And remember GET OUTDOORS!!!!

Fishing Report Archives – Courtesy of Richie Boggs

MN Fishing Report 5-15-13

Welcome anglers spring is here. The ice is mostly gone and the weather has been beautiful . The panfish are starting to bite and the walleyes are coming out of the spawn and putting on the feed bags. We’ve been catching the pike mixed right in with the walleyes. It’s a great time to fish and enjoy the Abundance of wildlife. Openings are available. And remember Get Outdoors!!!!!

Fishing Report Archives – Courtesy of Richie Boggs

MN Fishing Report 5-8-13

Spring is here anglers!!!!! The lakes are opening and ice fishing is over. The small bays and channels are opening up and the panfish will be looking for the warm mud bottom bays where insects will be hatching. The opener will be interesting to say the least. The pike have mostly spawned, but the walleyes are still in the process. We still have a lot of ice but it is melting fast. Guide trips are booking fast so try to plan ahead. And remember Get Outdoors !!!!!!!!!!!

Fishing Report Archives – Courtesy of Richie Boggs

MN Fishing Report 4-29-13

Welcome anglers!!! Don’t miss the biggest panfish of the season! Many of these fish are just under the ice where oxygen levels are the highest and snow critters are washing in. We still have good ice just be careful and always check conditions before venturing out. And remember GET OUTDOORS !!!!!!

Fishing Report Archives – Courtesy of Richie Boggs

MN Fishing Report 4-1-13

Welcome fishermen. Ice conditions have been great with at least 3 ft of ice yet. The problem has been the deep snow. The panfish have been biting good if you can get to them. The snow is starting to melt so with that being said we should be able to go anywhere you want in a week. And it will be some time before ice conditions will be getting thin. So come on up and enjoy the spring panfish bite. And remember GET OUTDOORS !!!!!!

Fishing Report Archives – Courtesy of Richie Boggs