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Brainerd Fishing Report - Brainerd Lakes Area Fishing Report

Fishing Report - Brainerd, Minnesota

Don't set out on your next Brainerd fishing trip unprepared! Check in with our Brainerd Lakes expert fishing guides Todd Andrist and Walleye Dan for an up to date fishing report on the Brainerd fishing lakes. Look for information on everything from Walleye population to lake conditions with the Brainerd fishing report.

Our local fishing guides know the Brainerd lakes well and have years of fishing and guide experience to provide you with the best fishing report possible. Not only do our guides provide a regular fishing report, but you can schedule 1/2 or full day guided fishing trips with them and experience a professional fishing trip year round.

Meet our Fishing Guides:

MN Walleye Guide
Todd Andrist
19964 See Gull Rd NW., Brainerd, MN 56401

July 2, 2020

Things have heated up in the Brainerd lakes area it’s hot. The walleye seem to be heading out to deeper weed edges and have been active early mornings and late evenings. Crawlers and leeches seem to be working but if you can find some red tails chubs those seem to be the best. Lindy rigs and slip bobbers along the tips of wind swept points. The pike seem to be using the cabbage weed beds and be caught on spinner baits or trolling sucker minnows. The bass and panfish have slipped out to the 10-15 foot depths and are extremely active. Water temps are in the mid 70s and the lakes are full of food so patience and persistence are the keys to success. Thanks and have a great Time!

Todd Andrist

Walleyedan's Guide Service
Dan and Shelley Eigen
9287 Anderson Rd., Lake Shore, MN 56468

December 20, 2019

Good morning! One would think the way the weather has been that we’d have a ton of ice up this way. But that’s far from the truth! The untimely snow falls, after getting about 4 inches of ice has really hindered the ice growth. We’ve been plowing a private road with 4 wheeler for a while and the road is good. But as soon as you get off road, you may be driving on 5.5”. So my suggestion is that you play it really smart and use your two, God-given legs and hoof it out if you don’t feel confident. We have 2 houses and a dark house out on the ice and we are monitoring the situation daily. 2 of our nicer houses are still on shore and it may be until after the new year that we get them out. Fishing has been fairly slow, but we are catching some walleye and pike. If you are interested in a guided trip on the ice, please give us a ring! 218-839-5598.


Fishing Report Archives:

MN Fishing Report 2-8-13

Welcome anglers. The fishing has just been average lately. With panfish and pike being the best bite . The perch action has been real good at times it seems day to day depending on the weather. There also been a descent trout bite. Ice conditions are great so come on up. Summer Dates are filling up so book your fishing trip now so I don’t miss you. And remember Get Outdoors !!!!!

Fishing Report Archives – Courtesy of Richie Boggs

MN Fishing Report 1-22-13

Welcome fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts. The brained area fishing has been really good lately for pike and panfish. The ice conditions are as good as it gets. The walleye fishing has started to slow down with some nice perch mixed in. We don’t have much snow so it is easy to get around. So pack up your gear and come visit. And remember take a kid fishing and Get Outdoors!!!!!. Spring isn’t that far away and I’ve been booking trips already for summer. So call now to save your spot for the fishing season. Thanks for checking in. 218-820-5612

Fishing Report Archives – Courtesy of Richie Boggs

MN Fishing Report 12-28-12

Welcome anglers. With the colder weather and lack of snow the ice conditions have greatly improved. The pan-fish have been biting good and have been getting some nice pike while fishing them. The walleye fishing has been just fair, one day we do really good and then the next day not so good. Still be careful on the ice there has been a lot of cracks developing and they are very dangerous. It’s time to get up hear and fish and enjoy our winter wonderland. Be safe and remember GET OUTDOORS !!!!!

Fishing Report Archives – Courtesy of Richie Boggs

MN Fishing Report 12-19-12

Hello fishermen. I’ll bet you’re all anxious to get on the ice. We do have ice, but be extremely careful we have had different stages of ice. The little lakes had about 5 inches before the snow and are much safer than the large lakes but are a little slushy. The large lakes have less slush and less ice with very inconsistent ice . The fishing has been fair to good with out a lot of activity. So make sure and be real careful and always check the ice as you go. We will be out there and will have a better report as ice thickens. And remember GET OUTDOORS!!!!!

Fishing Report Archives – Courtesy of Richie Boggs

MN Fishing Report 8-8-12

Welcome to our area. The fishing has been really good lately. We have been catching the Walleyes, Northerns and Bass all in the same areas on the same technique . This makes for some great action and some good fish fry events. The weather has been great and the water is great for swimming. So grab a buddy and come up and see me. And remember get outdoors and take a kid fishing.

Fishing Report Archives – Courtesy of Richie Boggs

MN Fishing Report 7-20-12

Welcome anglers. The fishing in the Brainerd area has been fair with walleyes being the hardest to catch. Mainly due to the extreme heat.

The bass and pike love the hot temps and have been snapping pretty good The big blue gills have been on a tear. The water is great for swimming and the fish are biting so come and visit paradise. And remember GET OUTDOORS !!!!!

Fishing Report Archives – Courtesy of Richie Boggs

MN Fishing Report 6-20-12

Welcome to Boggs fishing. We have been catching some really nice walleyes on local lakes. The wind and overcast skies have really been the key. If the weather stabilizes it could be crazy good. The Bass fishing has been good as always and we’ve been catching some real pigs. We haven’t been chasing the Pike much but have been getting a few while fishing Bass or Walleyes. Lets hope for better weather and GET OUTDOORS !!!!!!!!

Fishing Report Archives – Courtesy of Richie Boggs

MN Fishing Report 6-6-12

Welcome fishermen . The fishing has been really good the last week. We caught jumbo Walleyes, lots of Bass and even some nice Smallies. The weather has been great and the fish are biting . Grab your buddy and come see us. And get outdoors!!!

Fishing Report Archives – Courtesy of Richie Boggs

MN Fishing Report 5-17-12

Fishing in the Brainerd area has been awesome. The weather has been the key. The warm temps have helped the water reach the low 60’s and that means the Crappies are spawning and the walleye’s are putting on the feed bag. The Shiners are also spawning which means there are a lot of fish up shallow. The Northerns have been mixed right in with the Walleyes. The Trout have also been biting in the lakes that are stocked and the streams are settling down and much more manageable. Thanks for checking in and GET OUTDOORS !!!!

Fishing Report Archives – Courtesy of Richie Boggs

MN Fishing Report 5-7-12

Fishing has been awesome. Mainly we’ve been chasing Crappie’s. The Perch have also been biting on the big water. The number of Walleyes we’ve been catching fishing Perch shows signs of being a great opener. Get your chores done and get up here and enjoy the early season action. Get outdoors and take a kid fishing. THANKS!

Fishing Report Archives – Courtesy of Richie Boggs