MN Fishing Report 3-25-14

Good morning! It doesn’t look like spring is too excited to arrive, the Robin’s are going to hurt their beaks if they come back now. I just returned from Manitoba, where we were filming an episode of “We Love It! Outdoors” on Lake Winnipeg. Giant walleye’s were our target and we accomplished our goal. It wasn’t easy, but we did get a great show for our efforts. This is a must fish, fishery for all of you that are walleye people! I did catch a couple of 9-10 pounders and we also had an 11 and another 10 caught by our crew. Big greenbacks!! Around here we still have a lot of ice, but definitely not as much as they have up there. I had a 24 inch extension on my auger and that was perfect. The pan fish “bite” is about to get fired-up around here and then hopefully we will get in a little time on the Rainy River in search of walleye’s and sturgeon before the gobbling begins! Lots to do and not a lot of time to get it all done! For now, it’s time to gather my bags and head down to the northwest sport show and sell some Larson Boats! Have a great day and we will talk with you later!

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