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Wedding Photography
The photos taken at your wedding are the best way to preserve your special day. Therefore, hiring a good photographer is one of the most important tasks in planning your wedding. Make sure you hire a photographer who specializes in weddings. Your photographer should be experienced in wedding procedures and familiar with your ceremony and reception sites. This will allow him/her to anticipate your next move and be in the proper place at the right time to capture all the special moments.

Next to your photo album, videography is the best way to preserve your wedding memories. Unlike photographs, videography captures the mood of the wedding day in motion and sound. You have the option of selecting one, two or three cameras. The more cameras used, the more action captured (and usually the more expensive). Remember to ask your Videographer to interview your wedding party, close friends and family members asking them to make a wish or toast to both of you as a married couple. This personalizes your video and is a wonderful memento.

Is your Ceremony being held in a place that has special meaning to the bride or groom? Is there a place nearby where you used to play as a child? Take time to sneak off and have special pictures taken. If these special photos are planned in advance they only take a few minutes and give the couple a chance to capture a very special moment.
Point out special people who are attending the wedding to the photographer in advance - Grandparents, special childhood friends, anyone of whom you might want candid photographs.

Don't forget about the rehearsal dinner! Talk to your photographer about package options or assign a one of the rehearsal dinner guests to camera duty.