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Fishing Report
Brainerd, Minnesota

Don't set out on your next Brainerd fishing trip unprepared! Check in with our Brainerd Lakes expert fishing guides Todd Andrist and Walleye Dan for an up to date fishing report on the Brainerd fishing lakes. Look for information on everything from Walleye population to lake conditions with the Brainerd fishing report.

Our local fishing guides know the Brainerd lakes well and have years of fishing and guide experience to provide you with the best fishing report possible. Not only do our guides provide a regular fishing report, but you can schedule 1/2 or full day guided fishing trips with them and experience a professional fishing trip year round.


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Fishing Report for March 1, 2017   Fishing Report - August  


Crappies, bluegills, perch, Rainy River, shed hunting, Lake Winnipeg, the thought of gobbles are some of the things firing through the brain as we get closer to spring. I’ll start with the crappies and say that this is a great time to be out fishing these black and white beauty’s! They are not only fun to fish, they are delicious.

Crappies are almost always “circling the wagons”, looking for food to eat, so you must drill a number of holes in an area where you think they are and hop around until you find them. I use a KDrill auger and my Vexilar FLX 28 sonar. There are a lot of times that I will not drop my bait down until I see that line on my sonar, that is indicating fish (pretty hard to catch them if they are not there!). I like to use a light action rod loaded with 3 pound test if I am in water that is less than 15 feet. If I’m on in a deeper, basin area, I will go with a braided line so I can get a better feel and hook set.

Any time of day can be good for these crappies, you just need to get out there and find them. crappie minnows, euro larvae, wax worms or plastics will all work, but if you aren’t catching them on one or the other, switch things up until you find out what they eat on that given day.

Now that the walleye season is closed on our inland lakes, it’s time to gather head for border waters or to Canada. I’m heading to Manitoba, Canada in search of the giant greenback walleye’s. If you have never been up to the huge lake, I would highly recommend you add that to the bucket list. It is a beautiful place for the walleye fishermen and women (and kids). The SnoBear migration is heading to Lake Winnipeg and I will say that there is no better winter vehicle to fish out of. This machine is the most incredible ice fishing machine ever built, and it is ideal for a destination like Lake Winnipeg. O.k., that’s enough of that.

If you are itching for open water, call today and book your guided trip! My new Larson FX 2020T is being built in Little Falls right now and I cannot wait to get it all rigged out and ready for the 2017 open water season. The Hummingbird Helix 12 is going right from the dash of the SnoBear, right on to the Larson and it will then be “open season”!

Enjoy March and go Wild!,


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Walleyedan's Guide Service
Dan and Shelley Eigen
9287 Anderson Rd. • Lake Shore, MN 56468 • 218-839-5598

Meet the Fishing Guide: Walleyedan
Local fishing guide Walleyedan is passionate and knowledgeable about fishing in Minnesota lakes and specifically about the Brainerd Lakes Area fishing lakes. He has been guiding since 1989 and is passionate about the MN outdoors, fishing and helping others find the fun in fishing.

  Hello Fisher People -

Fall is in the air, trees are changing, and water temperatures are falling. This is some of the best fishing for big fish through November. Walleye, muskie, and crappies are the main focus right now. Muskies will put on the feed bag for the next month and a half. Big baits with a slower retrieve will start to be the norm. Finding fish is key and fishing for them when the time is right, meaning sunrise and sunset, weather changes, and moon phases. As for walleyes, their activity levels will increase with the falling water temperatures. Minnows will start to be the main focus, jig and Lindy rigs will start to produce in most situations. I found walleyes this week in thirteen feet of water in one lake and thirty-six feet of water in another lake, but once you do find them they seem to want to bite.

This is the best time of year to catch a trophy walleye or muskie. The crappie bite will improve through October once they drop off the break lines into the basin. Remember to handle big fish with care, CPR (catch, photo, release).

Good luck fishing and be safe out there!
Todd Andrist
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