Brainerd for a Lifetime Senior Care – Transportation & Accessibility

Brainerd for a Lifetime: Transportation & Accessibility

It is increasingly difficult for older residents in many communities to get to shops, services and recreational opportunities without an automobile. Unfortunately as age increases, our abilities to drive independently often begin to decrease. For older adults who do not drive much or who have stopped driving altogether, it is essential a find alternative means of transportation. Among these alternatives is walking and pedestrian-friendly means of reaching vital destinations, such as shopping and medical facilities.

Potential Transportation Topics to include in Discovery Efforts:
• Public Transportation • Parking
• Quality & Type of Public Transportation • Challenges for Pedestrians
• Bus Routes/Services • Discontinuous and Disjointed Sidewalk Routes
• Dial-A-Ride • Traffic Conflicts
• Other Mobility Options • Difficulty in Crossing Streets
• Street Signs • Personal Security
• Intersections • Poor Design
• Left-Hand Turns • Lack of Maintenance (Clearing Ice & Snow, Obstructions)

Brainerd for a Lifetime Transportation & Walkability Goals:
• Providing several transportation options for out-of-town travel
• Offering affordable transportation to common destinations that riders find convenient, safe and dependable
• Ensure walking is a practical, viable option for seniors
• Design and maintain physical environments that are sensitive to the needs of seniors
• Easy use of barrier-free multi-purpose trails and walking paths


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