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Crow Wing County Fair Contacts

2020 Crow Wing County Fair

Due to the COVID-19 Restrictions, the 2020 Crow Wing County Fair has been Cancelled.

A Message from the Crow Wing County Fair Board on the 2020 Cancellation:

The Crow Wing County Fair met on Monday, May 11, 2020 to discuss the restrictions concerning the COVID-19 pandemic. It is with much thought, many discussions and heavy hearts that the Crow Wing County Fair Board has voted to cancel the Crow Wing County Fair for 2020. The Board had many concerns, including, but not limited to, disinfecting many surfaces throughout the fairgrounds, social distancing limitations, out of state and county travel, any many more. With these concerns, could the Board conduct a safe 2020 Fair? The Board could not put its many volunteers and patrons at risk.

The Crow Wing County Fair is proud of its support that we have received over the years. We would like to thank all those volunteers, vendors, exhibitors, and everyone that makes the Crow Wing County Fair one of the best county fairs in Minnesota.

We look forward to seeing you at the 2021 Crow Wing County Fair.

Crow Wing County Fair Board & Staff

Fair Grounds: 218-829-6680
Space Rental:

President, Sharon Ryappy - 218-839-0270

Vice President, Jack Durand - 651-587-5261

Secretary, Sheri Doucimo - 770-990-8211

Treasurer, Chris Doucimo - 770-990-8211

Director, Bob Dambowy - 218-829-8190

Director, Gary Doucette - 218-838-9671

Director, Chad Turcotte - 218-839-1847

Director, Tom Malloy - 218-829-2238

Director, Barb Burgwald - 218-828-1507

Director, Rick Jaeger - 763-234-7297

Director, Tammy Blazek - 218-829-1747

General Manager, Gary Doucette - 218-838-9671

Space Rental Coordinator, Marge Hillman - 218-820-5352

Superintendent of Fine Arts, Christine Warner - 218-232-1647

Superintendent of Photography, Rob Fitzsimmons - 218-821-6965

Superintendent of Youth Arts, Kay Johnson - 218-829-9709

Superintendent of 4-H Building, Sarah Ukkelberg - 218-824-1069

Superintendent of Horticulture, Mary Kennedy - 207-944-0469

Superintendent of Kids Kountry, Gwen Pierzinski - 218-829-5680

Superintendent of Cattle, Bob Dambowy - 218-829-8190

Superintendent of Horses, Tammi Blazek - 218-829-1747

Superintendent of Poultry, Michelle Bernatsky - 218-839-9804

Superintendent of Rabbits, Amanda Malloy - 218-838-8536

Superintendent of Sheep, Swine, Goats & Llama, Ron Jensen - 218-829-6876

Superintendent of FFA, Magnus Nelson - 218-330-6971

Livestock Show Coordinators, Melissa Rahto - 218-820-4783

Horse Show Coordinator, Jenny Peterson - 218-820-7655

Winter Storage - 218-829-6680

Official Veterinarian, Ann Domagala - 218-825-4963

Ag Day Coordinator, Gary Doucette - 218-838-9671

Kids Day Coordinator, Kris Doucimou - 218-2037576

Talent/Teen Day Coordinator, Sharron Ryappy - 218-855-0654

Grandstand Coordinator, Tom Malloy - 218-829-2238

Senior Day Coordinator, Rosanne Caughey - 218-828-1998

Superintendent of Northland Stage, Tammie Holtz - 218-820-0394