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Brainerd Lakes Area Tattoo & Piercing Professionals

For your next tattoo or piecing, stop by a professional tattoo studio in the Brainerd Lakes Area. It's true that inspiration abounds in the Lakes Area, and that is evident in the work of the local tattoo artists. You will find unique, original, and high quality tattoo work, all performed in a peaceful and sterile environment. All tattoos and piecing are done by certified, trained technicians who care about your health and safety. Call for pricing details or to make an appointment, stop by a tattoo shop and visit with the artists. Policies vary for minor piercings including ear piercing. Please call ahead if you have questions about piercings for your minor child.

Tony Powers Designs – The Tattoo Shoppe and Art Gallery


Tony Powers Designs is an all custom tattoo shoppe and art gallery, by appointment only. Located in...

Serpent Tattoo LLC


Serpent Tattoo LLC is a tattoo studio located in Crosby, MN of the Brainerd Lakes Area.