In-Fisherman: Summertime Trout

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Summertime Trout
By In-Fisherman

After spring flows subside, trout streams run clear and trout are harder to catch. A prerequisite for any small-stream presentation is to avoid spooking fish, especially old hook-jaw browns that are known to be wary. Stream fishing for trout is a version of cat and mouse–you’re the cat.

These are the rules:

  • Wear camouflage clothing that blends with the background of the day.
  • Avoid white, yellow, or fluorescent colors, especially on hats
    and shirts.
  • Approach holding areas from angles underneath, behind, or outside
    the trout’s range of vision. Stay low.
  • Keep natural objects like vegetation logs and trees between you and
    the fish to conceal your presence.
  • Walk softly and avoid breaking sticks to minimize ground vibrations.
  • Move slowly. If possible, keep your rod low and parallel to the water
    when casting.
  • Cast to lies from as far away as your casting ability allows.
  • Cast relatively far upstream of lies. The closer your cast is to the trout,
    the quieter your lure entry into the water must be.
  • Try imitations of terrestrial insects, aquatic nymphs, small spinners,
    or light jigs with livebait.
  • Feather your line with a finger as the lure flies, increase pressure
    as it nears the target, and stop it inches above the water.

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