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Paul Bunyan Trail

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Paul Bunyan Trail - general

Communities Along the Trail


While not located on the trail, Brainerd is the largest city in the trail region, and is located where the trail begins. Brainerd has many services likely to be sought out by trail users.
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The southern Trail Head is located in Baxter at the trail's intersection with Excelsior Road. A temporary gravel parking lot is on the South side of the end of summer '96, there will be a 150 car lot across the street at the Paul Bunyan Arboretum!
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This village is 9 miles north of Baxter on the trail. Merrifield Lions shelter has public bathrooms, as does the North Long Lake public access, which has a large parking lot as well.
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Nisswa has public restroom facilities adjacent to the trail, housed in the same building as the Chamber of Commerce. Also, a new 75 car parking lot is expected to be completed by the end of summer.
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Pequot Lakes

The community of Pequot Lakes offers you public parking lots adjacent to the trail on the north and south side of town. The town is in the process of putting in a picnic shelter complete with bathrooms. Look for it in 1997-98.
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Gateway to the Whitefish Chain of Lakes

Pine River

The city of Pine River has a parking lot adjacent to the trail. The Chamber of Commerce is in the process of putting up a new facility on the trail. This new structure will have bathrooms.
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Backus boasts a parking lot, beachside park, running water, and lavatories all adjacent to the trail.


In the Hackensack area you will find public restrooms on the trail and water available.

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