MN Fishing Report 8-15-16

The walleye bite remains consistent – not great but not bad either. Most fish are being found on the deepest weed lines on the lake that have some wind blowing on them. Lindy rigs and slowdeath have been the go-to presentations. Long snells on the lindy rigs with creek chubs will produce.

Bass and northern action remains good. Bass have pulled out to the edges of the cabbage and a few fish remain under shaded docks and can be caught on a variety of plastics baits. Keep changing baits and covering water area. Catching pike trolling deep Rapala taildancer on braided line over thirty to sixty feet of water. Musky action has really picked up. Be ready to fish all day to take advantage of bite windows. Burning backtails and twitching minnow baits over the weeds have been working well.

Big sunfish are moving to the edges of the cabbage and can be caught on slip bobbers and leeches. The key to catching fish in warm water is to move fast until you find them and then slow down and work them over.

I have a new recipe for frying fish that is awesome. Instead of using milk and egg wash, use mustard. Yes, mustard! Plain yellow or honey mustard and then coat the fish in your favorite batter and fry them up. You”ll be surprised.

Good luck and be safe,
Todd Andrist

Todd Andrist MN Walleye Guide