MN Fishing Report 1-14-17

By the looks of the forecast, we are going to be having a heat wave this week! After some wicked cold, I would have to say that the warm-up will be welcomed! I just finished my second cup of coffee, and thought I better do something productive before my afternoon SnoBear trip.

So, here is the latest “report”. The ice is “nice”, and I would have to say that we are at about 16 inches in average on Gull Lake. I had the Merickel Lumber and Express Central groups out yesterday and we timed our outing just perfectly to hit the coldest air of the season. But, that didn’t slow us down a while lot. I don’t know what the final numbers (100 ish) of people and fish, but I’m guessing it averaged out to be about a fish a person. Walleye was the top fish, but a couple of 17 inchers were the biggest. We fished a number of different spots in the SnoBear and had fish houses on a couple of different spots as well.

Thank you Merickel for hiring me and I believe by the looks of things, everyone had a good time! Thank you Jakes on the Lake and the Quarterdeck Resort for accommodating all of us. Thanks SnoBear and Kenny V. for having another unit on hand!!

We have been fishing a number of different spots on Gull and catching walleye, perch and tuly’s in 19-46 feet of water. Jigs, spoons and set lines all work, it depends on where your confidence is. Gull has a fair amount of snow on it and is drifted in pretty good on spots. Trucks are still getting around, but if we get any more snow it’s going to be track-time only. The K-Drill has been solid, the Vexilar FLX 28 is solid and the mapping on my new Humminbird Helix is the best! Put all of these goods in the SnoBear and you can’t get any better!

Time to get the machine cleaned out and ready for John and his southern buddies tonight!!

Talk to you later,

Walleyedan’s Guide Service