The Brainerd Lakes Area.... Mysterious Black HOLE!!! on North Long Lake

Black holes have mystified astronomers for hundreds of years. The one found in North Long Lake in Brainerd, measures 2,128 feet in length and 400 feet wide. It has been the talk of Minnesota for weeks.

The hole was first seen in February, 2002. There has never been open water on this part of North Long before. Ice depth around the hole ranges from 4 to 10 feet. Many have been trying to find the answer. Divers have gone into the hole, infared aireal photos have been taken and much research has been done - all to no avail.

Theories have ranged from earthquakes, thermal springs, gigantic schools of fish, the Anti-Christ, and abandoned KBG suitcase filled with nuclear explosives.

The black hole on North Long Lake stayed open for just two winters before disappearing forever! Many theories were tossed around, but a laboratory in Brainerd, MN claims the cause was plant like critters swimming to the top of the lake during the sunny hours and blocking the usual deep freeze. What do you think?!

This is an altered photo. Do not attempt to walk, drive or snowmobile near the black hole.