MN Spring Ride: Wakeboard and Boating Event

Brainerd, Minnesota

How old were you when you started water skiing? Wake boarding? Parker Linn of Brainerd MN, the 9-year old winner of the Young Gun’s Showdown competition at the 2014 MN Spring Ride, was 3 years old when he started skiing and 4.5 years old when he began wake boarding. First runner-up, 10-year-old Ty Hanson of Fargo, ND, started skiing age 5 and wake boarding at 8 years of age.

The MN Spring Ride is a 3-day event for wake boarding and boating enthusiasts. The event has been held annually in Brainerd on Gull Lake’s Steamboat Bay in front of Cragun’s Resort since its inception in 2011. The MN Spring Ride draws competitors of all ages and includes various skill levels, from first-time competitors, like Ty Hanson, to professional wake boarders, such as Brainerd’s Colin Ryan.

The event includes open rides on Thursday and organized contests on Friday and Saturday. MN Spring Ride contests include:

  • Young Gun’s Showdown – Ages 16 and under compete for the Young Gun’s title. They get two down/back passes to show the judges (pro riders) their skills. The fourth fall ends the run.
  • Women’s Biggest Grab – Female competitors get two down/back passes to fill with as many tricks as possible. For jumps to count, the contestant must grab the board and go w2w (wake to wake). The third fall ends the run.
  • Midwest Best Trick (and run) – Each contestant gets the opportunity in two down/back passes to perform as many tricks as possible. Competitors will be judged and awards given for Best Trick and Best Run. Run ends on the third fall.
  • Double-Up Contest – Each contestant must qualify by competing in the Midwest Best Trick competition. Limited spots available.

Aside from action on the water, you will find a party--volleyball, swings, playing in the sand, music and camaraderie--on the beach.

Sunday, following the MN Spring Ride action, the Midwest Ski Otters Water Ski Team performs a ski show in Steamboat Bay, rounding out the weekend of fun-filled water show excitement.

Spectators are welcome to attend all events at no charge.

No matter your age, the MN Spring Ride and the Ski Otters Ski Show are exciting, family-friendly water shows to experience. We’d love to have you join us in Brainerd for the next MN Spring Ride.