Outdoor Recreation Social Distancing Guidelines

The state of Minnesota has been opened for outdoor recreation including golf, hunting, fishing, resorts, camping and park usage. The lifting of these restrictions comes while the COVID-19 Shelter in Place is still in full effect. Public recreation locations such as resorts, campgrounds, and golf courses are expected to adhere to safe social distancing policies and to discourage groups. Many facilities normally open in relation to outdoor recreation such as swimming pools, restaurants, beaches, and game rooms must stay closed until the MN Shelter in Place has lifted. Read some guidelines below and follow the MN DNR for updates which are coming regularly.

  • Minimize face-to-face employee and customer interaction. Implement online or other contactless measures to take reservations and payments, or to purchase supplies such as gas or bait.
  • Do not allow the public access to indoor facilities, except for bathroom facilities, facilities that provide food and beverage for take-out, or sales and service facilities specifically addressed below.
  • Public and private marinas and docks may only provide storage, docking, and mooring services to slip owners or seasonal renters. Limit access by the general public to boaters purchasing fuel or using access ramps, or for emergency mooring.
  • All private and public campgrounds and dispersed camping sites are closed to recreational camping. Campsites at private and public campgrounds that serve as a primary residence may remain available for occupancy.
  • Off-highway vehicle, snowmobile, and watercraft repair, sales and showroom facilities may be open by appointment only.
  • Remove to the extent possible objects that could be frequently touched, such as golf ball washers, rakes, and water coolers. Take measures such as raising cups on golf course to reduce the need to touch the inside of the cup, and leaving the flag stick in golf holes at all times. Encourage customers to avoid touching other customers’ items such as golf clubs or other recreational equipment.
  • At golf courses, ensure that those sharing golf carts are from the same household; otherwise, single rider carts only. Golf carts must be cleaned and sanitized before and after each use.
  • Arrange outings such as tee times to have staggered, spaced out timing and ensure physical distancing of 6 feet is implemented.

Source: Minnesota State DNR