COVID-19 Child Care and Family Information

CDC Guidance for Schools and Child Care Programs

Specific guidance for schools and programs.

MDH Decision Tree for Symptomatic Individuals in Schools & Childcare Programs

Send home or deny entry ifANY of the following symptoms are present: fever (100.4oF or higher); new onset or worsening cough; or shortness of breath

MDH Guidance for Social Distancing in Schools

The overall goal of social distancing is to increase the physical space between members of the school community to reduce unintended exposures. However, within the more limited setting of a school classroom, more flexible arrangements are allowed.

Supporting Mental Well-being during COVID-19

As things progress with COVID-19 prevention efforts, you or your loved ones may be experiencing increased stress and anxiety. Consider the following tips to support your mental well-being during these uncertain times. It is important to be gentle with yourself and others, and to take steps to support both your own and your family’s mental well-being.