Udom's Thai Restaurant - Hackensack, MN

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106 HWY 371 S, Hackensack, MN 56452


Udom's Thai Restaurant in Hackensack offers Thai cuisine, is a pleasing combination of taste and scent. Paul says the Thai combination of spicy, sweet and sour food, is much like a good wine to the senses. Udom's Thai Restaurant will prepare dishes to the customer's liking. The level of spice will be made to order according to the customers desire. Ann said when she waits on the customers, it will be her job to assist the customers in choosing what would suit their taste. Thai food is mainly pork, beef and seafood dishes. Udom's handmade egg rolls will be featured on the menu, along with other Thai specialties, with reasonable pricing. Paul said, "You can get a burger and pizza anywhere in the area, but you'd have to go almost to the Cities to get Thai food."