The Therapist - Brainerd, MN Counseling

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401 W Laurel St Suite C, Brainerd, MN 56401
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The Therapist is a counseling and life coaching practice established to assist clients in achieving their goals. We offer conventional therapy for individuals, ages 18 and up. Working with issues such as anxiety, depression, assertive communication, boundaries and more (see services).

We have an additional focus and work with youth 7 -17 and adults 18+, who have a diagnosis of Autism (formerly HFA and Asperger Syndrome) and their families. We offer NT/AS marriage therapy and groups for the NT spouse (see services). The goal of The Therapist, is to provide a superior counseling and coaching experience for individuals seeking to set goals and work towards achieving them. For help in understanding the limits of the therapeutic relationship please read Professional Boundaries.