Discovery Horse

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2748 County Road 122, Fort Ripley, MN 56449
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Discovery Horse is a trauma-informed mental health organization set on a farm sanctuary where humans and horses combine their skills to provide a safe place for people to heal.

“Safety is not the absence of threat. It is the presence of connection.” – Gabor Mate

Discovery Horse was born in the high desert of Arizona in 2000. Discovery Horse was developed as a Senior Project at Prescott College while Sara Sherman was finishing her degree in Counseling Psychology and Equine Experiential Learning. Sara went on to graduate and work with other equine organizations, putting Discovery Horse on the back burner to simmer.

Twelve years later Discovery Horse is re-born in Minnesota and launching full force into the world of Equine Experiential Human Discovery. Discovery Horse’s main objective is to foster the dynamic relationship between Horse and Human. It is through this unique relationship that healing can begin and self discovery and evolution can expand.

Discovery Horse welcomes all professional referrals for individuals or groups looking to take the next step in the journey of self discovery. Please call Sara at 218-232-2495 to find out if Discovery Horse is a good fit for you and/or your clients. Please check our Events Calendar for various other enrichment opportunities.

Discovery Horse also LOVES to travel and is willing to come to you and/or your organization.