The Woods Jumped Up and Bit Angel!

Local Flatlanders Go Team: Angel & Deon Hartman
Veteran's Memorial Walking Trail

We spent the morning hiking in the wild and the woods are for sure alive. There is no better time to hike in the woods than in the morning. Whether you're hiking, camping, exploring, or just on a nature hike, mid summer can be a bit challenging.

There is no shortage of bugs. Especially out in the swamp bog on northern Minnesota. We spent the morning looking for Ghost Flowers (Indian Pipe) with no luck. But we did find hundreds of spiders, some turkey eggs, snakes and so on.

We love hitting the wild hiking trails and getting off the beaten path. Its a good way to keep your survival and bushcraft skills in tune. And there is no lack of places like that by Brainerd Minnesota in the swamp bogs and pine forests.