Haunted Corn Maze at Paul Bunyanland and This Old Farm

Haunted Corn Maze
Updated October 13, 2008
Laura Hasse

Original Article Posted
October 11, 2007
Laura Hasse

Imagine yourself walking along a path shortly after dusk when, out of nowhere, you notice there’s something up ahead. Through the darkness, you can’t quite make out what it is you’re seeing. Suddenly, a light begins flashing ahead, a bit to left of the path you’re following, rendering aide to help you make out the figure—it almost looks as if someone is crouched over in pain. You hear a tortured whimper; the moaning becomes increasingly magnified as you approach.

Then, the light flashes at just the right moment. The figure appears to be that of a woman. The light flashes again—it’s blood, streaming down her face, matted in her hair! You speed up, while proceeding with caution, as each step carries you closer. All of the sudden a noise from the other direction catches your attention. You look up just in time—a semi-truck is headed straight for you! It’s only a few feet from you now. You take off running, barely escaping its ruinous impact.

This scene is one that a visitor to the Haunted Corn Maze at Paul Bunyan Land in Brainerd, MN may experience. The semi has been a favorite prop mentioned by many of the hundreds of people who jump and scream their way through the terrifying twists featured in this haunted Fall attraction each night.

The 2008 Haunted Corn Maze is held each Friday and Saturday night leading up to Halloween, starting on October 10th and 11th, and on Halloween night. The maze path and its props and spooks are all a result of the creative minds in the Rademacher family, and their vision is pulled off with the help of volunteer actors known as the Scream Team.

Planning which props to incorporate into the maze starts as early as May of each year. Adam Rademacher then designs the maze to incorporate the props and starts cutting the path in June. Grooming of the trail and additional planning continue up until the moment the first guests enter the maze.

The biggest challenge the Rademacher’s face each year is the weather. The weather determines the corn growth, the schedule for haunting the maze, and even the guest turnout. However, they work around it and have successfully brought a great form of Fall entertainment to the Brainerd Lakes Area each October for the past 8 years.

Each year the Haunted Corn Maze features at least one or two new props, so that two years are never the same. Some of the terror-inducing additions to this year’s maze include a giant spider and spider web and an electric chair victim.

For those visitors who are more sensitive to the terrifying spooks in the Haunted Corn Maze, the Hardly Haunted Corn Maze is held from 6:00 pm until dusk. The actors and animatronics don’t begin haunting until after dusk; but the scenes will be set up.

All maze-goers gather at the Paul Bunyan Land main building, where a tractor pulling a wagon picks up guests. Guests then enjoy a hay ride that takes them past haunted scenes on their route to the maze. A bon fire, which may be enjoyed before entering the maze; after conquering the maze; or while waiting for someone to find their way through the maze, is available throughout the evening.

There is also a Kiddie Maze for young children to enjoy while their older siblings attempt to wind their way through the Corn Maze. The path for the Kiddie Maze is comprised of straw bales and includes slides and tunnels.

After they’ve enjoyed the maze and the bonfire, guests can share their spook-filled stories as they take the hay ride back to the main building. Concessions are available in the main building throughout the evening.

New in 2008, the ever-popular Haunted Corn Maze at Paul Bunyan Land will be even spookier with the addition of the Murder Manor. This year, take in the terror of Phase I. Two additional phases are planned for future expansions of the Murder Manor.

If you’d like to find out more about the Haunted Corn Maze at Paul Bunyan Land or if you’re interested in joining the Scream Team, call 218-764-2524 or email adam@thisoldfarm.net.

Paul Bunyan Land, Brainerd, MN
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