Cuyuna Mountain Bike Trail System

Sam Sherman

Looking for a place to ride your mountain bike where there is scenery, hills, and different levels of difficulty? Cuyuna Mountain Bike Trail is the place to be! It is very beautiful and there are so many things to see along the trails.

The Cuyuna Mountain Bike Trail System officially opened in June of 2011. The trail system, located at the Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area, includes 25 miles of mountain bike trails.

The trail system includes four different levels of difficulty: Easiest, More Difficult, Most Difficult and Extremely Difficult. Trails range from riding on a flat gravel trail, to a steep rocky terrain with cliffs and drops on the side. The More Difficult trails contain some hills and curves. Trails can include many (and sharper) curves and bends on the Most Difficult trails. Extremely Difficult trails are designed for expert riders.

Expect to get a little red dust when you hit the trails! The trail system was developed in an area that is a former mine range for Iron Ores, which means the entire trail is red dirt from the ores.

The trails do have banks on some curves so you can keep your speed up and not have to slow down too much, which helps to keep your biking experience fun and exciting! Elevation ranges from 1200 ft to 1400 ft, so there are plenty of hills to give your muscles a good workout or to catch some speed as you zoom down fast (but still be careful)!

The trail is clearly marked with stick markers which include information such as marker numbers, trail difficulty level, and direction of travel. Also, some locations have a large red sign which has the EMS Access Point letter. In case of emergency, inform the 911 operator of the Access Point letter so emergency crews can find you easier.

In addition to the well-marked trails, the trail map is very well detailed and matches the markers you find along the trail. There are 54 GPS spots with coordinates that you can input in your GPS unit to find your location if lost. Most GPS markers have a board with map posted; some have maps ready to be taken out of the enclosed compartment for you to use for free.

As you get on top of Miner’s Mountain, you will be able to see a beautiful view of Huntington Mine Lake, Pennington Mine Lake, and Alstead Mine Lake. The view from here is breathtaking--you will be able to see as far as your eyes can go!

Check out the Cuyuna Mountain Bike Trails--you will not be disappointed!

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