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Brainerd Lakes Vacationland

Minnesota Hunting

Hunting in Minnesota is a popular past time. The Brainerd Lakes area includes many hunting opportunities with a wide variety of game and areas to hunt them. Brainerd is famous as the prime Minnesota Vacation and Resort location and offers many recreation and lodging options for hunters. Hunting guides are also available for almost any type of hunting you enjoy.

Hunting deer in Minnesota--more specifically, whitetail deer--is one of the most popular types of wild game hunted in the state. The whitetail deer population in the Brainerd Lakes area is healthy. Archery, firearm, and muzzleloader seasons are all available and each offers a different hunting experience.

Brainerd MN Deer Areas

The 2016 Deer Area Management Designations for Brainerd MN Deer Areas include Managed Deer Areas and Hunter Choice Deer Areas.

Hunter Choice Deer Areas: 242, 247
Managed Areas: 248, 214
Lottery Areas: 171, 172, 246, 249

Hunter Choice Deer Areas: There is no drawing for permits. If you hunt in one of these areas, you can take one deer of either sex. Bonus permits are not allowed..

Lottery Deer Area: You must apply for one of these permit areas by Sept. 8, 2016. All firearm and muzzloader hunters must apply. If successful, the permit will be valid during either season, provided you have a valid license for that season. Bonus permits are not allowed.

Deer Hunting Areas in the Brainerd Lakes Area
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Please contact MN DNR for additional information about Minnesota Deer Areas, Hunter alerts, hunting regulations and updates.

Other popular MN hunts include other big game, such as moose hunting and elk hunting, wolf hunting, bear hunting, duck hunting, goose hunting and turkey hunting.

Hunting Seasons 2016
09/17/16 - 12/31/16 Deer Hunt - Archery Season
10/15/16 - 01/01/17 Pheasant Season
10/15/16 - 03/15/17 Raccoon, Red Fox, Gray Fox, Badger, Opossum (North) Hunting & Trapping
10/22/16 - 03/15/17 Raccoon, Red Fox, Gray Fox, Badger, Opossum (South) Hunting & Trapping

10/29/16 - 01/08/17

Furbearer Trapping - Otter - north zone
10/29/16 - 02/28/17 Furbearer Trapping - Mink and Muskrat - north zone
10/29/16 - 01/08/17 Furbearer Trapping - Otter - south zone
10/29/16 - 02/28/17 Furbearer Trapping - Mink and Muskrat-south zone
10/29/16 - 05/15/17 Furbearer Trapping - Beaver - south zone
11/26/16 - 12/11/16 Deer Hunt - Muzzleloader season
11/26/16 - 01/08/17 Bobcat - Hunting & Trapping season - north of I-94 and US Hwy 10 only
11/26/16 - 11/30/16 Fisher and Pine Marten season  -north of I-94 and US Hwy 10 only
12/15/16 - 12/31/16 Crow Hunting (4th season)

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