Brainerd Lakes Vacationland
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Brainerd Lakes Vacationland

Wild Game Processing Minnesota

A successful hunt should be enjoyed in its entirety--from the pursuit to the taste buds! Great tasting venison should be every hunter's reward for a triumphant harvest and offers hunters of all skill levels full appreciation for the entire hunting experience.

Custom venison processing allows you to select the flavors you love, while the meat processing professionals create quality meat products that will allow you to savor your entire hunting experience! Ground venison can be combined with pork to make a wide variety of sausages, such as breakfast sausage, brats, summer sausage, or ring sausage--just to name a few options, all of which are full of enticing flavors for a satisfying meal. Venison also makes a great snack, whether you prefer jerky or venison sticks.

Try various flavors and varieties: add cheese, mushrooms, bacon or wild rice (a Minnesota favorite!); request smoked venison products; kick up the heat or tone down the spice according to your palette.

Remember, processing wild game starts in the field. Field dressing your game properly is an important step to ensure your venison remains uncontaminated.

Wild Game Processing in the Brainerd Lakes Area:

Thielen Meats of Little Falls
Full service meat market with first-class service from knowledgeable, experienced staff. Open 7-days a week. World famous smoked bacon, modern sausage kitchen & smokehouse. Fresh meat products, poultry, fish & seafood, wild game, many specialty products! A Family Tradition of Quality!

Have your venison processed to make tasty sausages, brats and snacks, such as venison jerky.


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