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Summertime Trout
By In-Fisherman
After spring flows subside, trout streams run clear and trout are harder to catch. A prerequisite for any small-stream presentation is to avoid spooking fish, especially old hook-jaw browns that are known to be wary. Stream fishing for trout is a version of cat and mouse--you're the cat.
These are the rules:
~Wear camouflage clothing that blends with the background of the day.
~Avoid white, yellow, or fluorescent colors, especially on hats
and shirts.
~Approach holding areas from angles underneath, behind, or outside
the trout's range of vision. Stay low.
~Keep natural objects like vegetation logs and trees between you and
the fish to conceal your presence.
~Walk softly and avoid breaking sticks to minimize ground vibrations.
~Move slowly. If possible, keep your rod low and parallel to the water
when casting.
~Cast to lies from as far away as your casting ability allows.
Cast relatively far upstream of lies. The closer your cast is to the trout,
the quieter your lure entry into the water must be.
~Try imitations of terrestrial insects, aquatic nymphs, small spinners,
or light jigs with livebait.
~Feather your line with a finger as the lure flies, increase pressure
as it nears the target, and stop it inches above the water.

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