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Brainerd Fishing Report 2013
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2013 Fishing Report Archives - Courtesy of Walleyedan

December 12, 2013
Winter is not officially here, but it certainly feels like it is here! We had a good start to the ice season with people out before Thanksgiving, and then the snow came. This put a lot of weight on the ice, which brings the water up and causes slush..which can make for some ugly conditions. It’s not terrible, but snow is such an insulator that it slows the ice growth down quite a bit. With this being said, just be smart and make sure to check here for ice conditions and reports! Right now, I am getting reports from some of our guides that have been on Gull and Round. It sounds like ice depths range from 3-9 inches with 7-9 inches being the “norm”. My advice is to wear safety gear (ice piks, flotation, etc.). It’s also a really good idea to have a sharp chisel that you can walk with (chipping along the way). So, I don’t want to scare YOU away from the lakes, because there are fish being caught and there are safe spots to be fishing right NOW!! I would suggest to pack light for the next week or so and as we get out and about, we will be able to send reports back! This time of year is usually really good as far as the action! Bring your Vexilar (or other sonar), a couple of rods, a small tackle box, a bucket, a chisel and some minnows and you should be able to walk back home with 6 walleyes! The new season of “We Love It! Outdoors” will be airing very soon, right around Christmas time! Go to to find out where and when to watch! Also, go to for info on guided Sno Bear trips, etc.

Merry Christmas and happy hooking!,


August 27 , 2013
Hard to believe August is almost out of here! School fires up next week up here in the lake country and the lakes will be a lot quieter. We will miss all of you, but it can be a great time to enjoy some of the best fishing of the year! We are booking guide trips for the fall and winter seasons right now. It seems odd to be thinking winter when it feels like 100 degrees outside, but it will be here before you know it. The fishing has been pretty good in the area for all species and it should only get better as the schools of baitfish start to deplete. We are fishing the rock piles and weed edges and catching a mixed bag. One of our fill-in guides (Jon Larson) had one heck of a day today, he boated a 36 inch pike and a 31 inch that’s a day! We have been fishing the Gull and Whitefish Chains quite regularly and the action has been good. Jigs and minnows and Lindy Rigs and minnows are doing the trick. If you are rigging, I would suggest red tail chubs and on a jig, a fat head will work just fine. If any of you are interested in booking a guided trip this fall or this winter, call Shelley at 218-839-5598.

Another bit of information you fishermen/women might be interested in. We are putting on a walleye tournament on The Gull Lake Chain on October 5th. It is based out of Bar Harbor Supper Club and the name of the tournament is Fishing To End Hunger. Find us on Facebook or at Big prizes and big money going to feed hungry people!! Good bye for now,


April 29, 2013
Beautiful weather, but the lakes are still covered with a lot of ice!  May 11 th is opener and your guess is about as good as mine as to what the conditions will look like on that day.  My guess?  I say it will go out at about 11:30 p.m. on the 10 th as a strong wind will rip it to shreds.  For now, my focus will stay on the “other” things in life.  As most of you know, the wild turkey is close to my heart and I have been chasing them around a fair amount already this spring.  We have bagged a couple and plan on bagging a handful of others in the weeks to come!  We still have snow in the woods, but these next two days are supposed to be nice and it should be gone by the end of the week..should be.  The ice on the other hand, it’s going to be a while.  Our guides are pumped to be running the new Larson FX Series this year.  Myself, Bruce and Nick will all be running the new 2020 tillers.  Mine is parked at Mills Fleet Farm right now and Nick and Bruce’s should be finished up this week.  Shelley is booking trips on a regular basis, if you are interested in getting on the guide calendar, call today!!  218-839-559

p.s.  Thanks for tuning in to “We Love It! Outdoors”, we are filming year #2 and things are going well!!,

January 30, 2013
Walleyedan's Guide Service
The cold is coming back for a few more days! But when you have the gear, you can handle it..right? We have Andy Goldsworthy and his crew coming in tomorrow and they will be seeking shelter in one of our cozy fish houses as the temperatures drop into the teens below. The fishing has been pretty good, hopefully this arctic blast does not lock their mouths shut. Chad Jackson caught a 26 inch walleye last week out of the Sno Bear and he was ecstatic! He caught it on Gull Lake using a jigging spoon tipped with a minnow head. We were all watching his Vexilar and saw the whole thing happen, pretty awesome! If you are looking for an ice fishing sonar, Vexilar is my suggestion…hands down. I am sure many of you aren’t aware of our new television show, “We Love It! Outdoors”, presented by Mills Fleet Farm. For those of you in Minnesota, you can tune into Fox Sports North on Monday’s at 6:30. For the schedule in your city and state, check out the TV Guide. Or you can find the shows without commercials on Put on another layer and get outside!, Walleyedan 218-839-5598

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